Sun. Feb 5th, 2023


Web creation sites are a great resource to help get you message on the web. There are many advantages of accepting this free offering. The websites will try to intake you to upgrade to the paid version, but in my opinion this is a waste of money.

One web creation sites is Weeby. On there they state you can create a free website and blog. The service has easy drag and drop. Easy to create with no need for technical skills.  Creation Site Web Maroc Many professional designs. They say free domain hosting, but this is if you use their web. weebly. com at the end. If you want your very own domain it will cost $40 per year. They force you to have a banner on the top. This really wastes some great real-estate.

Web creation sites with free design templates are available on the web and one is Wix. This one uses flash as the technology to create the websites. This one is rather complicates and rigid. You will have to work around its limitations.

Web creation sites called webs has some great potential. Easy sign up process. Fill in website address, title and category. Next you will see a preview, at that point you will get a setup of recommended pages that you can uncheck the ones you don’t want. Additional pages that you can add are Web store which is of course an easy to use online store. Location web page is very useful if you have a standard business so people can easily find your location. A calendar page can be added to let people know of up coming events. Links, Members, News, guest book, FAQ are also available. This all lets you create a very compelling website in a short period of time. The free version does have some drawbacks that you need to consider. There will be annoying ads on your creation, there is no support, domain ends in. webs. com, the band width is 100 MB, web storage is 40 MB. If you can to include videos you are limited to 30 minutes. No Google AdWords credit, limited to 20 pages and basic templates.

Ezweb123 have many web creation sites. There are many templates for personal, professional, clubs and groups. With this service you can create basic pages in seconds. With just a click you can change the content very easily. Modify with click and drag or changing settings in panel for precise numbering. This site is very easy and comfortable, but limited in originality.

WordPress is the best of both worlds. There is a free version much like these, but a better option is creating you own site. Get a domain for about $10 per year and host it at a hosting company for $10 per month. The advantage is that hosting doesn’t cost any more for 20 sites as it does for one. This is usually about $10 per month. You can buy as many domains as you want and add them to your hosting service. Most hosting companies have WordPress as an option of your site. These sites are completely in your control and there are many themes and widgets to make the site look and operate as you like. You can even create you own if necessary.

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