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Many times little stress boosts our confidence and stimulates us to perform in a better way. It is a gamut; on one way it can help you meet the challenges while on the other side it can even cause emotional breakdown and deaths. The need is just to carve stability and bring life into balance. There are various symptoms of stress overload Stress management techniques  controlling our physical, behavioral, cognitive and emotional existence. The need is to understand the reasons but not to allow the stress to overpower you! The situations of stress overload vary from person to person; the moment you surrender yourself to a particular situation with a perception that now this cannot be handled, is a situation of stress overload.

Stress Management Interventions

Individual differs as far as their stress resultants and outcomes are concerned for instance, physiological parameters- blood pressure, muscle tension, etc, psychometric mood scales, self-reported stress symptoms and overall satisfaction with life. Stress management programmes vary widely with respect to their purpose, interventions, structure and target group. These stress management programmes ranges from preventive to curative strategies and focus on three basic interventions like Stress reduction, Stress management and Individual assistance program. These programmes basically train the individual and target group to learn to conquer stress. Stress management programmes include various techniques and modalities to relieve the body and soul of a person by practicing relaxation, meditation techniques, bio-feedback technique, relief games and cognitive managing strategies to individual psychoanalysis.

Take care!

Serious encounter with stress may cause severe health problems including body ache, heart disease, depression, obesity, autoimmune diseases like chronic fatigue syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis, eczema and sleep problems. Submission to stress is timorous; the need is to take charge of your emotions, thoughts and actions and to learn to manage stress and design a new way to deal with the crisis situations.

We understand that stress can be managed effectively if we start taking care of ourselves, but we do not practice it. Stress management programmes help us recognize and heed stress indicators, understand body requirements, chart out exercise schedule, cultivate healthy eating habits, refrain from unhealthy habits and also let us develop a healthy support system.

These stress management programmes also let us learn relaxing techniques like deep-breathe exercise, progressive muscle relaxation exercise and even practicing meditation and yoga. There’s no need to battle with stress if stressors are minimized in the first place. One can learn to minimize stress by avoiding exposures to environmental stressors, getting your work place ergonomically correct, anticipate and prepare for upcoming change, take frequent breaks and relax.

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