Wed. Jun 29th, 2022


Conversations + Connections + Credibility + Community = More Clients & More Cash

This is my little formula of how Social media can be used by the solo-entrepreneur to market their products and services online.

#1 Conversations – When you join the Social networks the first thing you do is find people that you know and begin to have conversations with them. Then you should begin to reach out to people in your target audience and try to start a dialog with them as well. Also other people sometimes jump into the conversations.smm panel

#2 Connections – During those conversations you often find new and different people to connect with and then you can begin to connect with their connections. This increases your visibility and reach online.

#3 Credibility – If you continue to post useful and relevant information you naturally become more visible which also increases your credibility and you begin to gain expert status.

#4 Community – As your friends and followers grow you all begin to become an online community. This process just happens naturally over time and very often it is a source for great joint venture partners and can even blossom into a more formal arrangement like an association.

#5 Clients – From your community online you will begin to get new clients and the cool thing is they are usually presold because they already know, like and trust you because of all the free useful information you have already posted. There is no need for hypy sales talk and overinflated promises.

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