Wed. Dec 7th, 2022


Non dual Teachers: We open up to non-duality, the miracle principle that Jesus talks about, after we have miracle experiences. Then we have more of them and more of them. Miracles are natural; when they do not occur something has gone wrong. Whew! Jesus talks about being consistently miracle minded. Whereas we’ve had habits of fear and doubt and judgement and criticism, now we have to have miracles become the habit. And you can see where if you move in the miracle direction, the others will be like rain evaporating as the sun rises. That’s the way that it goes.

What if we look at it in terms of time, what this cosmos is and what this world is? It’s really nothing more than the addiction to hypothetical thinking. You might say, for the addict, there seems to be a behavior or an addiction at the level of form, but the addict finds out there is a judgement going on in the mind that’s really the addiction. non dual teachers  The behavior’s the acting out of the thorn of judgement. That’s why you could say the whole Sermon on the Mount could be summarized in two words: “Judge not. ” If you can get that thorn of judgement out of the mind, then the mind’s back to its natural, pristine state of non-duality or bigness. When we really take a look at it, hypothetical thinking is the addiction. All we have to do is free ourselves of hypothetical thinking.

What is hypothetical thinking? It’s thoughts of the past and thoughts of the future. All thoughts of the future are hypothetical. And they’re assuming that the past is different from the future. And when you go into these miraculous states of mind, you see it’s all one thing. That what seems to be the past and what seems to be the future aren’t different at all. All psychics do is see the future past. It’s an artificial dividing line whereas, we’ve convinced ourselves that the future has not yet happened, and the past has already happened. We have to release ourselves from the belief that there’s some value in these images. We call some of the images good memories, some of them bad memories. There are things we want to avoid in the future, and things we want to attain in the future. But they’re all the same; they’re all part of the same clever distraction device. Everything in time and space is a hypothetical. Non dual teachers say A course in Miracles is a hypothetical book. You’re reading a hypothetical book which is designed to take you to Lesson 189, “Forget this world, forget this course, and come with empty hands unto your God. ” That’s the bad habit that we’re trying to give up.

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