Sat. Dec 3rd, 2022


The right coating on an installed stamped concrete surface is important to  Stamped Concrete Patios Nashville make sure the end result is built to last. For many, matte sealers are the best option for having a surface that looks excellent and lasts long.

Considered a new generation of block paving sealers, matte sealers typically offer a natural appearance for any concrete surface, whether it is a driveway or patio. Although high-gloss sealers are also exceptionally popular, their application gives the concrete surface an overly glazed look – which appears somewhat unnatural. Stamped Concrete Company  Matte sealers, on the other hand, reproduce a natural stone’s shine and texture, thereby completely eliminating the unnatural appearance you get with high-gloss sealants.

But it is not only their natural stone-like appearance that makes matte sealers a more preferred option than high-gloss sealers. Matte sealers are also more durable than their shiny counterpart. Using a high-gloss sealing material rather than matte for stamped concrete typically leads to return trips for contractors, consuming a rather large amount of time, energy and money for both you and the contractor. Without a doubt, it is much more efficient to install the matte sealer and get the job done right the first time.

Whether you want a new pattern-imprinted concrete walkway, patio or pool deck, matte sealers are an effective (and affordable) way to protect your investment for years to come. Just as the wax that you apply to your car protects it from harsh weather and road conditions, or the sunblock that you wear protects your skin from powerful sun rays during summer months, high-quality matte sealer shields stamped concrete from Uv rays, harsh chemicals, and stains.

Matte sealers were made for today’s customers who want a tough layer of protection without making concessions on the appearance. Slowly but surely, the trend is moving away from the much less durable high-gloss sealants. With matte sealers, you can also have broad colour selections that complement the area where the concrete is installed. On top of that, these sealers are easy to maintain.

High-quality concrete tools may make installing a stamped concrete surface easier than ever, but no installation can be complete without adding a sealer. Applying a matte sealer on your concrete surface is unquestionably worth your time and effort as it will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surface but also prolong its life.

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