Sun. Mar 26th, 2023


Have you been looking for a place to go so that you can enjoy an excellent vacation? Of course you have and you are not alone. Many individuals come to us seeking out that perfect vacation and that is when we point them towards the wonderful town of Dufftown, which is located in Moray. Have you ever heard of this town? Originally, it was called Mortlach, but that was during the Middle ages and lasted up until the nineteenth century. Father’s day gift  Earl of Fife constructed this town so that solders who were returning home from war would have a housing. At this point, Earl of Fife called this town Dufftown. You see, there is a lot of interesting facts about this town. Please join us as well tell you some more interesting things about Dufftown.

Every July, many tourists are attracted to this town as they host a highland games event during this month. So, if you are interested in what the highland games event has to offer, then you may want to plan your vacation to be during the month of July.

As you are traveling through Dufftown you are going to come across a lot of notable buildings. One of those notable buildings is Balbenie Castle, which part of it has been constructed out of stones that came from the ruins of Auchindoun Castle, which is nearby. As for the street plan of Dufftown, you will find fourmain roads which meet towards the clock tower. Previously, the tourist information centre in this area was a prison.

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