Sun. May 28th, 2023


That thick cloud, the excitement of all the things that you can do with the vape cloud and all the different flavours you can vape makes vaping quite an experience. Vaping is quite a fascinating thing and a lot of people develop an infatuation with it.  packman disposables They keep wondering about all the different things that they can vape and everything that they can do with the thick vapour clouds. Some people develop a strange sense of curiosity. A lot of people have been wondering if they can vape water and there are some curious about something more. If vaping works with water, does it also mean you can vape alcohol?

The Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol make up most of the liquids that go into vape pens and Starter E-Cigarette Kits. They are made for that very purpose and you know what you can expect from them when it comes to vaping. A lot of people still wonder that since water is something pure and they can drink it, is it possible to vape water or if there are vape pens dedicated to vape water.

A simple question that can be posed to all the curious minds is that why would anybody want to inhale very hot steam that can possibly burn the insides of their mouth on purpose? Another question would be that vaping water will definitely not give a thick cloud so why would they want to do that? Water is not going to give you the same vaping experience that gets you into it in the first place.

What to Expect When you Put Water In a Vape

When you are vaping water, the only result that you can expect is water vapour – nothing more and nothing less. When you inhale water vapour, it will condense when it reaches your mouth and since it is quite hot, you are putting yourself at risk of burning the insides of your mouth. It can even burn the pharynx. Yes, it will reach normal temperature by the time it reaches your lungs and it will not harm them but it is an unnecessary risk.

The matter Of Vaping Alcohol

The first thing that people might be wondering is if vaping alcohol is even possible. The very prospect of vaping alcohol is actually quite absurd. Yes it is possible to vape alcohol just like it is possible to vape water. The mechanics are similar. You need to heat up alcohol so that it turns into vapour form and then all you have to do is inhale it.

The thing is that vaping alcohol is possibly the worst way to get drunk. To start off, when you vape alcohol, it is not going to your liver, which is responsible for breaking down the alcohol to a level that your body can handle. When you inhale alcohol through vaping, the alcohol gets directly transferred into your bloodstream. This will cause an immediate buzz but at a high risk. There is no regulation of the amount of alcohol that is entering your system. When you consume alcohol regularly, the liver helps to regulate the amount of alcohol entering your bloodstream and gives you a good buzz that you can regulate. Vaping alcohol is too much of a risk.

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