Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


With a huge variety of used shipping containers for sale to be had around the world today, it is important that you understand the various types of containers and what each type has to offer. There are some who would like to build houses out of them. Some are operating transportation business that utilizes them. No matter what your purpose is in buying used containers for sale, shipping containers for sale hervey bay  you still need to know the different types of shipping containers and their benefits.

Once you have understood the various types of containers and their uses, you can start searching for used shipping containers from transportation companies. The values of these may vary depending on the company offering it. There are lots of companies and building contractors that want used containers to help lower the cost of their expenses. Here are some types that you can choose from.

Dry Suv Containers

The most common type is the dry suv container and it is one of the most heavily used worldwide. These are closed containers that do not have any venting. It also does not have any cooling or heating systems constructed into them. Generally, these are the most affordable and the 40ft shipping containers are enough to encourage building contractors to make homes from them.

It is why there are lots of used containers for sale will be used in house plans, and there are lots of shipping container homes that you can check out. If you intend to build your own shipping container house, you can consider building one from dry suv containers since they are your best option. Also, the tenders on this type of containers are low.

Open Top Containers

This type for sale transportation companies are selling are exactly as the name implies. These are typically boxed shipping containers made of rigid metal that do not have any top cover at all. These containers are most of the time used for bigger items that would not fit in the door of the dry suv shipping container. This type is also used for sensitive items like page glass. These types of containers are always sealed up, but the canvas is put ostentatious of the container to produce a sealed box, and also has four metal posts towards the top corners to provide support for stacking.

Searching for open top used containers for sale is more difficult as compared to the standard suv containers since they are a little bit unusual. You will find out that tenders for containers of this kind may be found easily, and by more individuals since they are hard to find.

The Reefer

The reefer fish tank appears to be an ordinary dry suv shipping container, but it is protected on the interior and the temperature is controlled. Most of these containers are always warm and some are always at cold temperatures to keep the items inside. These are most of the time cooled with the used of dry ice so that it does not require the outside power source. In case it requires to be heated, or more cooling is needed, a mechanical fridge or heater is utilized to maintain the temperature of the container.


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