Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


Solar installations in the united states have increased year after year and the extension of tax credits for solar panel owners Solar providers   has made it likely that solar installations will continue to grow over the next few years. Buying a solar system and having it installed can be very expensive. Is it ever a good idea to buy a solar system and have it installed independently? The answer is…

It depends…

What are your goals with solar? Where do you live and what are the conditions of your home? The options available for a homeowner to go solar, varies by location and utility company. Other factors such as available roof space and shading conditions will also impact decisions to go solar.

PPA or Leasing Options

PPA & Solar Leasing Options are great for Homeowners that desire to save money on their power bill without having to spend any cash or invest anything on upfront costs. These options allow free solar installation taken care of by the solar provider. It makes no sense for the homeowner to install the panels themselves and the solar provider will not allow an independent installer for these types of solar options.

Cash Purchase or Loan Options

Most homeowners have the option of buying a solar panel system or securing a loan for a system. There are several solar providers that have different types of panels and different types of agreements and warranties. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of installing your own solar panels.

A homeowner has the option of buying only the solar panels from a solar company without having to purchase any attached services and fees. Once the panels have been purchased the homeowner can attempt to wire and install the system personally or have a third-party electrician or professional install the system. If a homeowner knows how to install and wire the system correctly money can definitely be saved through this course.

If the homeowner lacks the knowledge or skills, the homeowner can still buy the panels wholesale and have an electrician or third-party install the system and save money. If the system is installed correctly a warranty may be available to secure the investment and allow the homeowner to enjoy owning their own system without paying additional costs for system monitoring and maintenance.

Even under the warranty time and labor costs may arise cancelling out any savings that were achievable with this option. As long as the system is installed correctly the homeowner will be able to buy the panels at a lower cost than they would pay from a solar provider that bundle installation and monitoring services. They will also have more freedom in choosing the type of panels desired and the design they want on their roof. If the customer desires to monitor the system after personally installing it they will still have to pay a portion of these costs.

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