Mon. Oct 2nd, 2023


Panama offers a multitude of programs enabling one to fairly easily obtain a Passport, Visa, Residency and Citizenship Buy fake Canadian passport  Panama is an excellent place for a second passport (2nd passport). The plans are outlined below. Do feel free to ask questions. We do not advise attempting to deal with the immigration authorities without adequate legal representation by a competent attorney.

Warning: All of our passport programs require you to be physically present at the immigration department for fingerprinting and photographing. These are NOT the “Pay someone off in the dark” programs you see on the internet which do not require you to go to the country physically and come with a passport, identity card and driver’s license. There are numerous stories on the internet if you look for them of people getting arrested all over the world when they attempt to travel on these passports. What is often done is passport blanks that come back from the manufacturer slightly defective (bad printing, stitching etc. ) are marked as not usable by the government and are then sold by unscrupulous immigration officials through third parties. The problem is when the country that issued those does an audit of their immigration department they pick these things up and then the passports are flagged as fraudulent or stolen and this is sitting in some unfortunate person’s wallet waiting to be used and can cause a police detention with likely arrest to follow. There was just a raid recently in Guyana and the corrupt immigration officials there were issuing hundreds of passports daily. Now along comes some guy who bought one of these “officially issued” passports and he goes through immigration in say the EU. Well he doesn’t appear to be a Guyana type so they query around a bit and he gets arrested. Months after the scandal we still see Guyana Passports being sold on the internet which makes one wonder.

We even see Diplomatic passports being sold on the internet for $50, 000 and up. This is ridiculous. What the buyers are not aware of is in almost all countries travel using a Diplomatic passport requires a visa so the country you intend to visit will require you to physically submit the diplomatic passport to their embassy for a visa which will involve scrutiny. So when they contact the diplomatic passport issuing government to verify the purpose of your visit, duration, whether or not you will be attached to the embassy, etc. what do you think is going to happen? Do you think the issuing government is going to provide official documentation for all of your journeys? Do you think they will even know who you are? They will most likely remain non responsive and your passport will probably never be returned as a best case scenario but this would most likely be followed by a knock at the door shake you up or arrest you visit by some authorities depending on where you live, admittedly some countries will not care what you did but others that are terrorist sensitive will get really interested in you and your whole life and you should expect to be added into the watch/stop list making airport travel a nightmare for the next ten or twenty years. The government that issued this diplomatic passport may also contact you after they get contacted for a $10, 000 bribe or they will make trouble for you and on it goes. Remember why do you see Nigerian Scam Emails – because they work. There are a lot of stupid people out there so don’t be one of them.
How can you tell if a second passport or residency/citizenship program is real?

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