Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

Although this might sound to be a stereotypical topic, but there is a specific element of truth in it as well. Being in the custom logo business for yesteryear 8 years, I have gathered a sizable quantity of experience and observation with this perspective. Also a part of the custom logo community, I have been around many friends and colleagues, both male and female.

In a majority of cases, male and female characteristics are much like each other. But on one other hand, there are certain traits peculiar to a specific gender. thiet ke logo cong ty These characteristics differentiated just how designers handle a design project. Following certainly are a few traits that report how gender affects a design project:


The first gender difference that is seen in a custom logo project may be the timeliness and punctuality of the designer. Although incorrect for 100% of cases, but most of times it is your ex designers that are more punctual and prompt using their deadlines and project submissions. On one other hand, male are known to procrastinate a lot more than women, so in the process they often delay matters in most cases.

Panic Factor:

Another trait that you will find in designers may be the panic factors. Women are usually regarded as less composed and tend to have irritated more easily. Since they will be emotionally sensitive, they decide to try heart all criticism from clients. While on one other hand, male are usually more composed and follow the “whatever” attitude. They’re not really bothered or pushed by client criticism as much as female designers are. Therefore the male designers often panic less in the wake of an issue in the project.

Bargaining Element:

Every client wants to have logos for as less as possible. However it isn’t always possible to have bargaining handles logo designers since they mostly work with an hourly basis. In the event that you try to bargain with female designers, chances are that they can get sensitive to clients problems and slash their compensation for them. On one other hand, men aren’t very much emotional bound and don’t care about the non-public issues of the client. Hence they seldom compromise on their custom logo fee.

Rational vs Emotional Minded:

The most typical element that distinguishes a male and female designer may be the thinking approach. Female are regarded as more emotional minded and think from the heart. Their decisions on custom logo include things that their heart tells them is right. On the contrary, male designers tend to be more rational and include logic and reason in their decisions. Everything they do will undoubtedly be backed by a specific amount of facts and figures.

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