Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


My company start-up was jut 6 months old when the Chinese owner of my ageing Hong Kong office premises decided to demolish the building. 閉路電視  The trouble for him was that i still had a long lease to run.

The owner insisted I leave. I resisted because I didn’t want to change my new office address so soon after starting the business. His tone changed to threatening.

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Hong Kong at that time was a cowboy town and I had visions of a mystery overnight fire destroying my office premises. So i took his compensation offer and moved out. Whereas my first office had been in an old run-down building, the next one was in a brand new development.

Smart Office Address Encourages Confidence

Suddenly I noticed that prospective clients no longer asked me hundreds of questions regarding my training or background. They trusted that someone in such a professional looking office at a good address knew what she was doing. That confidence brought in bigger clients.

What a Red Convertible Taught Me About Looking Successful

At first it was surprising, but then this was confirmed when i bought a car. Local colleagues in the world of finance obviously noticed this shiny red convertible as i drove around the island- city. It was second-hand, but it spoke of ‘confidence’ and ‘success’.

Suddenly business colleagues were recommending their clients to me. Because they thought I looked successful they now trusted their bigger clients to our company. That second-hand Mercedes and well designed office attracted more new business than playing golf could ever do for me.

Show you Can handle The business

If you are a young company looking to increase your turnover and wanting to attract new business clients, you must give them confidence that you can handle their account.

When you’re at networking events remember that the other person will subconsciously size you up, including a check on your appearance, your posture and your handshake. Maybe even the brand of your watch, laptop or phone will be noted.

First impressions are important for attracting new business.

The moral of the story is: when it comes to presenting yourself and your company make the first impressions count in your favour. Ensure you locate your business address in a well-kept building in a good area. Create a clean and comfortable environment to meet clients. If you can’t afford to set up something yourself right now, think of using a virtual office with a smart address or a serviced office that is not only well located but looks professional.

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