Mon. Feb 6th, 2023

I am aware that after we are planning our annual holiday, falling ill is the past thing on our mind. But it can and does eventually a few holidaymakers every year. But when you read this short article and disaster strikes, you might be fully prepared if you or many members of the family were to fall ill on holiday.

If you just feel slightly unwell, or have minor cuts and bruises, you ought to first visit the hotel reception for help and advice. They could have a first-aid box, or even they can offer you directions to the nearest chemist or pharmacy, usually in English, because so many hotel receptionists speak English.

In Spain a Pharmacy or Chemist shop is known as a FARMACIA. You can identify them by their sign, a natural cross. Do not confuse the farmacia with the DROGUERIA, which looks similar, and translates as drug store, but only sells toiletries and cosmetics. Chemists can often give medical advice and first-aid,and provide some medicines without prescription.

If no person in the pharmacy staff speaks English, and you are in pain, and need to point where in fact the pain is. You can just point out where in fact the pain is, and say clearly ME DUELE AQUI that is Spanish for “it hurts here” ;.Phonetically it appears like MEE DWELLEE AKEE. Just how to Buy Adderall Online For much more serious illness, accidents and emergencies, you will need to see a health care provider or visit a hospital. If you want to use your E.H.I.C. card. (European Health Insurance Card) you must first ensure you are visiting a Spanish state health service hospital, and it is not the main private hospital system. Ensure the physician or nurse that you see works within the Spanish state system, and not the private sector. You must also make it clear that you will be using your E.H.I.C. card and that you wish to be treated underneath the E.U. arrangements. Remember the E.H.I.C. rules are usually changing, as Governments come and go.

You may even notice in Spain, many doctors’ surgeries in and around the key holiday resorts. They often have a big neon sign with a cross symbol and the language for doctor and surgery in many languages. These do not belong to the Spanish health service, and will not accept your E.H.I.C. card. They’re also very expensive.

In the event that you require urgent attention, police, ambulance, fire brigade, etc., Phone 112. (no area code) Do not expect Spanish emergency services to speak English. Try and telephone with a Spanish speaker if you can. It might be recommended to place this number into your cell phone memory.

Spanish social security patients don’t pay for ambulance services, and private patients are often reimbursed by their private medical health insurance (or travel insurance). By law, taxis are obligated to move medical emergencies to hospital when requested to accomplish so.

If you speak the language it is not necessarily easy to obtain treatment in Spain. Even the N.H.S recommends that in addition to your E.H.I.C. card you sign up for adequate medical health insurance cover. Generally that is provided within your travel insurance policy. So be sure that you’ve full medical cover, when you may need to be airlifted home in an emergency. However before you buy holiday insurance, first do some research and get some good advice from an unbiased insurance information website.

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