Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


Have you noticed that paint is blistering off the walls? A damp patch has appeared under the window sill? Cavity wall insulation devon  You have tried to paint it over and over again but it just keeps flaking off the walls? Maybe you have decided to bite the bullet and call in a damp proof expert to give you advice? That’s a great idea but best to know if the damp proof expert is giving you the right advice. It could be a time consuming and expensive mistake if you do not know how to damp proof in theory.

We are now going to have a quick look at how to damp proof, what to look for, the damp proof products available and how these damp proof products and systems can solve your damp problems.

So we first need to identify the damp areas of your job and what is causing them. Now this can be tricky but we can eliminate some obvious damp proofing elements before we pay for someone to come and and consult us.

Damp walls at high level or in an isolated area? Is the damp area manifesting internally at a high level? Check outside for condensation overflow or toilet overflow pipes dripping down the brickwork. The constant source of water against your brick work can be drawn into your internal finishes and manifest like a damp patch or salts coming through. This should be obvious so stop it immediately and then once this has been achieved then it will just be a matter of re-decorating your damp wall. Another culprit here is the leaking gutter or down pipe, same again stop the external source of damp and your problem will be rectified. Damp walls can also be a problem and water ingress into your property can also be through structural defects. This is more difficult to ascertain so here is are a few things to look at: Chimney flashing or other lead flashings under windows, cracks in the walls – may need structural repair – consult engineer, defective pointing- could be a major problem – need professional advice, loose tiles – obviously a instant source of dampness in structure needs, bridging of a cavity wall with rubble

All the above except the cavity wall bridging may be able to be visually checked as a source of damp problems. However it may be worth to make sure getting a chartered surveyor to provide you with a full report.

Another problem which you may encounter is condensation mould cause by lack of ventilation in the property. Usually found behind cupboards or in the corners, condensation problems look like black spots and can easily be confused with rising damp. Once again ventilation is a job for an expert and modern properties which are governed to be more air tight do suffer as a result. A qualified surveyor should be able to point you in the right direct here as with the structural defects.

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