Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


I’ve always seen FPS gamers as the most “alert” gamers out there. Normally, there would be some sort of grace time when playing RPGs or RTS games where you can take a 5 minute breather and just plan on what you need to do. Now i’m not saying that RPG gamers or RTS gamers get it easy, they both have their challenges. FPS gamers are used to playing under pressure Basic Gamers . FPS (first person shooter) gamers gain a sense of alertness and increased dexterity because of the game mechanics.

FPS games require you to be in a first person view (as if you’re actually walking inside the game) and shoot anything that threatens your existence! Of course, if you’re new to fps games, it’s hard to take a shot at someone who’s more experienced. Not to mention, the nervousness would kick in and your cursor would probably be missing your enemy; then you’ll just end up shooting everywhere. This is absolutely normal.

During the first few times of playing an FPS game, it’s difficult to react to unexpected things. For instance, the first FPS game that I’ve ever played was counter strike. Now, for someone that was such a newbie, I thought it was a good idea to shoot and move side to side; this way the enemies would have a harder time hitting me. The first enemy that i encounter, I get knifed down. How you may ask? He was moving around quite a bit and also knew how i was shooting. Obviously, that player was very experienced.

All in all, with any game, it takes practice. FPS gamers gradually acquire the sense of “readiness” by playing often and challenging new people. Their reflexes and dexterity increases through time, resulting in outstanding game play.

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