Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


Some places will be a lot easier to find a Pug puppy for sale than others. If you live in Alaska, you won’t find them. Considering the weather in Alaska, you should consider another breed of dog, anyway. However,  goldendoodle puppies for sale if you live anywhere lower than British Columbia, you probably will see more Pugs than Coke bottles. In some cities like Philadelphia, Pugs are among the most popular dogs, although they are only in the top twenty nationally.

If you remember nothing else from this article, please try to remember this – never buy a Pug puppy for sale from a pet store. Never even buy Pug puppy supplies from pet stores that sell puppies. All pet stores get every single one of their Pug puppies for sale from puppy mills. Even if they buy from a puppy broker, the puppy broker still gets his or her puppies from inhumane puppy mills.

Other places you can visit can be local dog shows. They will often not have Pug puppies for sale at the show, but you get to meet and talk to many Pug breeders who will have puppies for sale in the future. The look and temperament of their Pugs will tell you a lot about the qualities of the breeder. You can also go to MeetUp. com and find a Pug meet-up group in your area to get recommendations. The nations’ biggest Pug Meet-up is in Philadelphia.

You can also look online for Pug puppies for sale. There are many legitimate breeders who care about the dogs they bring into the world who have web sites. There are also scams and puppy mills pretending to be breeders. A real Pug breeder will have a lot of free Pug information on their sites, will never ship their puppies, and only have a few Pug puppies for sale throughout the year.

There are a lot of advantages to getting a Pug puppy for sale from a good breeder. You’ll pay more, but you also get advice, training support, beginning training and usually limited health guarantees. A Pug breeder can also help pair you to a puppy because he or she has gotten to know both of your personalities. A good Pug breeder likes to have control over which buyers the puppies go to.

Pug breed rescues and your local animal shelter will sometimes have Pug puppies, but usually they will have adults. However, these adults will often be trained, already have their shots, won’t surprise you with how big they get and will often be a lot calmer than a puppy. These Pugs are not for sale, but you do have to pay a few hundred dollars in adoption fees (which is still cheaper than anywhere else). They also will help you with advice, training issues and Pug puppy supplies, if necessary.

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