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Exciting Grand Canyon Tours And Fun-Filled Options

If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, you don’t want to miss the chance to take an exciting package tour. Your options include touring by bus, boat, helicopter, or airplane. Any choice is a good one; you will have an amazing experience no matter which tour you select.

Taking a Grand Canyon bus tour is the least expensive way to go. Next, ranked according to price, are the boat trips followed by airplane tours. A helicopter tour is the most expensive choice. Each of these have a value version and a 5-star option. As you can imagine, the luxury, or 5-star, tours are more expensive, but they offer you a more enjoyable experience.san blas tours

West Rim Trips

Tours headed for the West Rim usually depart from the city of Las vegas while tours to the south Rim can leave from Las vegas or a city close to the Grand Canyon called Tusayan, Arizona. You can only visit one rim at a time since the tour packages don’t include both of the rims.

The South Rim is too far away from Las vegas for helicopters to make the round trip, so if you want to book a helicopter excursion from Vegas, you will need to visit the West Rim. You can get to the south Rim from Vegas another way though; you can take a 5- hour bus ride or hop on a plane and be there in 45 minutes. The choice is yours, but you can imagine what most people opt to do.

There are many sights to see and activities to enjoy on a tour of the West Rim. You can get to the West Rim in 45 minutes when you go by helicopter and that is the only place where helicopters are allowed to land at the bottom of the canyon. In addition, you can add on a pass to experience the Grand Canyon Skywalk and take a float trip down the mighty Colorado River.

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