Mon. Feb 6th, 2023


From Celtic engagement rings to white gold bangles, jewellery hand made in the middle of the ancient Orkney borough of Kirkwall has something for everybody. While rings and bracelets can add that extra sparkle to your life,  cornish pebbles today there was special excitement in the town where these collections are made.

A lot of people raced the few hundred yards from the heart of Kirkwall down the narrow twisting stone streets to the harbour side. There an exceptional sight greeted the throngs of people. A sperm whale was wallowing in the harbour. The large crowd watched anxiously simply because the rare visitor seemed trapped.

For a short time the 50-foot male looked sickly and veterinarians in Inverness at the Scottish Agricultural College assumed it might die in the shallow waters of the town’s harbour. The deep water animal appeared troubled and the vets cautioned that it would surely die in the shallow water. But as the patiently waiting crowds on the pier, including parties of schoolchildren and individuals taking a break from work observed, the whale allowed itself to be herded to safety by a tiny boat.

With a slap of its huge tail the mighty whale appeared to say thanks a lot to the boat which led it to safety from Kirkwall Harbor where it had been drawn by the incoming tides. Though there was excitement at the presence of the large ocean mammal, many had anticipated the worst for its wellbeing.

When the whale got its bearings it all of a sudden appeared to summon energy and swam off at high speed towards Orkney’s North Isles and much deeper water. Everybody lining the piers breathed a sigh of relief and prayed the awesome creature would survive.

Celtic Engagement Rings Add Charm

Lots of rings including Celtic engagement rings have connections with the sea which sometimes laps and quite often rages all around our islands. Similar to the Aikerness charm which depicts the swirling currents round a small tidal islet. Today the sun shone and the water was flat calm. Only the ripples of the whale broke the surface.

As well as Celtic engagement rings that are favored on our shores, on Orkney we manufacture an array of marine-related jewelry items including charms to hang from white gold bangles. An impressive illustration of this is the Anchor charm – a symbol of our trade from the sea that has dominated our island life for millennia.

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