Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

The reason for all spiritual techniques or practices is to fully realise the natural divinity present in all of us. By reading Books On Spirituality we can definitely learn and understand the basic principles of spiritual techniques; but spiritual teacher’s guidance becomes necessary when we put these techniques into practice living miracles store. Being the inexperienced spiritual aspirants organic beef encounter numerous obstacles while practicing these techniques. Organic beef battle to deal with our physical resistance and mental agitations. The support and guidance of an experienced spiritual teacher will help us overcome these hazards.

Secondly, there are different spiritual practices or paths to realize our natural divinity. The spiritual path we choose inspired from the Books On Spirituality may not be fitted to our own nature. This could either harm us in some way or slow our spiritual growth.

None of us are alike. We are all unique and different. Based on our physical strength and endurance, willpower, reasoning capacity and emotional quotient; we start to use tailor made spiritual practices to suit us. Spiritual teachers possess the wisdom to select a certain spiritual technique or techniques which will be most suitable for us. However all these spiritual techniques or Yogas, if followed truly, lead to the same goal — God realisation or Self- Realisation.

Of the numerous different Yogas or spiritual techniques to realise God, the four most important amongst them are: Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, and Karma Yoga.

The trail of devotion or the Bhakti Yoga. This path or spiritual practice is principally meant for temperamentally emotional people who easily respond to love and affection. This path is based on the concept that the visible splitting up of the individual self from its divine source, God, causes all sufferings. Yoga or the union with the divine source can remove these skin problems. Which will be attained by surrendering ourselves and directing our emotions solely to God.

The trail of realistic query or the Jnana Yoga. This path is prescribed for those of us having a logical nature and to whom reason appeals more than bhakti. The principle behind this path is to eliminate the veil of ignorance and turn into illumined. This is achieved with the power of splendour between the real and the not real.

Raja Yoga is the path of clairvoyant control. For aspirants having a meditative nature this type of Yoga would work. The spiritual searchers who have a natural longing to regulate their minds. Raja Yoga states that efficiency is within us but the distortion in our Pure consciousness prevents its symptoms. By total control over the agitations of the mind we can attain that efficiency. This is a method of discipline, concentration and deep breathing.

Karma Yoga is the path of selfless action. Meant for those who are constantly active. In Karma Yoga we let work be our worship. We do selfless work without any addition and without any need to have result and rewards.

The secret of spiritual growth is having the strength and daring to follow and put a certain spiritual technique into actual practice. And this becomes much easier when we have a spiritual teacher to guide us throughout our journey.

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