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When you see plastic containers for product sales, you probably think about traditional clear plastic containers in round, pillow, or hexagon shapes: and for good reason. shipping containers for sale mullumbimby  These are the most popular and common kinds of containers for merchandise displays because they’re available in a wide variety of sizes and you can even find colored versions to add visual appeal to your product displays.

However, these kinds of plastic containers generally require counter or table space or a display sheet of some sort. If you don’t have that kind of space, or, you want to increase your display space, you can turn to other kinds of acrylic and plastic containers available for product sales: specifically, containers designed to hang from walls and wall accessories and make the most of the space you have to work with within your store.

If your store includes the know how for slat wall displays or pegboard displays: or, if you’re considering including those display tools: check out the varieties of plastic containers below and discover new ways you can well and ideally display your merchandise.


Visi-Bins generally come in three different forms: Those designed like receptacles, buckets, or cups of varying depths, those designed like trays, and those designed to hold gift cards. Thanks to all the different styles, Visi-Bins are fantastic types of plastic containers for product sales. Most Visi-Bins are created to hang from slat walls, but if you don’t have slat walls in your store you can find pegboard adaptors that allow you to hang them from pegboards.

Visi-Bins are ideal for a wide array of merchandise, that produces them great plastic containers for product sales. Naturally you can use the gift card trays for holding gift cards, but you can use:

The bucket-style Visi-bins to hold children’s toys like small deluxe stuffed animals, bouncy tennis balls, or action figures. You can also use the cup-shaped Visi-Bins for holding tall, slender items like technique improvement pens and pencils. The tray-style Visi-Bins to hold small boxed merchandise like sports cards, credit cards, or office supplies.


Hang-A-Jar containers work just like the Visi-Bins designed like k-cups work. You can find them in a variety of sizes and they generally come with line hangers so you can position them on either a pegboard or a slat wall. Hang-A-Jars are ideal plastic containers for product sales. You can use them to create displays of small children’s toys, technique improvement pens or pencils, and bulk packaged candies.

Hanging Cubes

Hanging cubes resemble Visi-Bins and Hang-A-Jars in that they’re great plastic containers for product displays on both slat walls and pegboards. Like their name suggests, these product display containers are designed like cubes, that make it easy for you to position them hand and hand and make the most of your wall display space. You can use hanging cubes to display the same kinds of items you’d display in Visi-Bins or Hang-A-Jars: including small technique improvement toys and bulk packaged candies: and because you can find them in several different sizes, the process under way display as many or as few items as you want.

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