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Intermodal steel shipping containers have been put to use for various things when they no longer cross the high seas.  shipping containers for sale gold coast  Generally retired shipping containers are used as storage containers or are turn into building construction site mobile offices. A current trend gaining strength in the architectural community is transforming steel intermodal containers into the basis for homes and light business construction applications.

Fortunes of a construction development using an innovative approach are influenced by the research done at the front end of the project. Here we will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of implementing shipping containers as part of your building.


Site Labor

Cutting and welding steel is regarded as being special labor which may increase construction expenses; as opposed to wood frame construction, components must be welded or drilled to the outer skin, which is more time consuming and demands additional job site tools.


while in service, containers could be damaged by handling collisions, friction from rubbing on each other, and the pressure of heavy loads from above during ship transits. The intermodals will examine containers and condemn them if broken welds, twisted frames, or pin holes are identified. For use in construction, some issues could be less significant than others.


The size and weight of the containers will require them to be placed by the crane or forklift. Traditional brick block and lumber construction materials are commonly moved by hand


A container can hold a wide variety of freight while in its working life. Spills or contamination might have happened on the inside surfaces and will have to be cleaned before habitation. Ideally, the paint on every internal surface should be removed to bare metal and re-painted with a non-toxic paint product. In addition, chemicals released from paint and sealants used in manufacture of the shipping container might be harmful.

Temperature & Humidity Extremes

Steel is a conductor of heat. Containers used for human occupancy in an area with extreme temperature variations will need to be better insulated than most brick, block or wood structures. In temperate climates, moist interior air condenses against the steel; rust will form unless the steel is well sealed and insulated.

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