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Keeping drinks chilled and serving them with ice is an essential part of managing a bar. You need to have the best commercial refrigeration in place to serve delicious cocktails and drinks.

Here are the recommended commercial refrigeration products for cocktail bars.

Beverage Coolers. Beverage coolers are the ideal way to keep drinks chilled while also having them on display. Most beverage coolers mobile cocktail bars  have a glass door that allows you to see what is inside. There are varieties available that are designed to suit your needs. There are double door beverage coolers which hold a large quantity of drinks; and there are single door beverage coolers that have a smaller capacity. Of course, the size of the beverage cooler that you choose will also depend on the space that you have available in your bar.

Scotsman Ice Machines. Ice machines are essential for cocktail bars as most cocktails (and other drinks) require ice. If you manage a busy cocktail bar, you might want to consider a Scotsman ice machine with a large capacity, such as an ice maker that makes 300 or 400 kilograms of ice in 24 hours. Smaller cocktail bars could benefit from an ice maker that makes around 200 kilograms of ice per 24 hours.

Underbar Fridges. Underbar fridges fit snuggly below any bar counter. This unit maximises the unused space under the counter and allows you to store drinks discreetly. As it is placed under the counter, the barman also has easy access to the drinks which increases efficiency due to the convenience factor. Depending on how long your bar counter is, you can opt for, perhaps, two or three double door underbar fridges.

Blast Chillers. Blast chillers are a life saver for cocktail bars, especially on days when drinks deliveries tend to arrive later than expected. A blast chiller can quickly chill drinks to the ideal serving temperature. You don’t have to wait for hours for the drinks to cool as you would in a conventional refrigerator. In the same way, a blast freezer quickly freezes drinks, if required.

Cocktail bars have to keep up with the demand of customers who visit their establishments to enjoy a variety of creative cocktails. Therefore they have to be prepared and have a variety of drinks and ice at hand to keep their customers happy. Thus, it is imperative that they have the best commercial refrigeration at hand to run their cocktail bars efficiently.

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