Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

It’s an attractive day in northern BC, Canada. The snow is melting quickly, although I expect more snow to fall before it’s over with this winter. The current weather puts an itch in you that’s hard to scratch. The itch is always to camp, but that will have to wait for a while. For the time being, there’s preparation activities to ease the itch.

I dug out my axes today. They have to be sharpened I’ll utilize the power grinder to do that.

While I was considering them, I realized how important it is to truly have the right axe for the task you are doing. Listed here is a description of the three axes that I would suggest:

A Splitting Maul: It has no other use than to split wood. You cannot chop throughout the grain with it, and it’s impossible to clear brush with. The blade is extremely thick. Viking axes  Its weight is considerable. The combination of weight and thick blade causes it to be well suited for splitting on the finish grain. If you’re campground camping and the wood supplied is big, this is actually the axe you’d want. If you’re wilderness camping and not moving around, you is going to be sawing wood. You will require this axe. The splitting maul will tolerate a little bit of dullness.

A Brushing or Chopping Axe: Since the blade is extremely thin, it is very good for cutting brush, and when you have to cut cross grain it’s good for that. However, if you attempt to split blocks of wood, this axe will get stuck in the block most of the time. You will also think it is very difficult to get it unstuck. This axe loves to be sharp.

A Combination Axe: This blade is just a little thicker compared to Chopping Axe and a little thinner compared to Splitting Maul. You can use it successfully for both splitting and chopping. It won’t do the job along with the axes devoted for those jobs, but it is a good compromise. It too loves to be sharp.

If you do lots of splitting, then you have to acquire a splitting maul. If you’re wilderness camping and on the road a lot, then you want the Chopping Axe. You will see guys using it for small chopping jobs, even whittling. When am traveling by truck and camper, instead of trekking, I will usually take two axes – the Splitting Maul and A Chopping Axe. If you want to buy only one axe, then make it Combination Axe. Keep it sharp, it will last well.

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