Fri. Sep 29th, 2023

Media coverage surrounding the extent of damages of BP’s oil spill in and around the Gulf Coast is affecting local business and tourism. As many people watch to see the extent of the damage of the oil spill RV enthusiasts are booking vacations elsewhere. RV Campgrounds are seeing numbers drop despite the fact many beaches in the Gulf Coast have not yet been affected by the oil spill.

RV Campgrounds aren’t the only ones suffering due to the disaster. Fishing businesses and tourist-based services are also seeing their business suffer. However, even as some businesses are declining, others are seeing a steady stream of vacationers heading in for what they hope will be a busy summer season. While some beaches have been affected نجوم الخليج, most areas throughout Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida remain pristine.

In Florida, a web site has been set up for visitors to monitor the conditions of local beaches, in an effort to ensure visitors of an enjoyable vacation. Those heading out for a summer break should check out local areas to be sure they have not been affected by oil. Beaches are a top vacation choice for many RV enthusiasts. With the recession only recently in remission, any loss of business could be damaging for campgrounds.

While some vacationers are concerned that time spent in the Gulf Coast might be a waste of time, for other RV enthusiasts, the beauty of the Gulf Coast is too big a draw not to be enjoyed. Campgrounds are ready to host Class A, Class B and Class C RVs, as well as travel trailers and fifth wheels. No matter what kind of vehicle hitting the road, there is a place to rest, relax and enjoy in the Gulf Coast.

The beauty of RVs is the ability to be mobile. While only a portion of the Gulf Coast has currently been affected by oil washing up on beaches, the media is contributing to the notion that the entire Gulf Coast has been contaminated. This is not the case. Before cancelling a trip, vacationers are advised to make a few calls to ensure the area they planned on visiting is still in good condition.

As an incentive, some campgrounds and hotels are offering a 100% refund if beaches are affected during the course of a vacation. No one is positive how far reaching the effects of the oil spill may end up being, but for now, there are still plenty of scenic areas for visitors.

Although the relief effort is filling up some campgrounds close to the spill, other companies have seen a decline in business of up to 30% reports Campgrounds that have lost revenue may file suit with BP who has promised to pay legitimate claims for lost business due to the oil spill.

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